Dooku endeavored to kill the Jedi themselves, but has also been foiled in the tries to intercept this new Huttlet

Dooku endeavored to kill the Jedi themselves, but has also been foiled in the tries to intercept this new Huttlet

When you look at the inability, Ventress are obligated to contact Dooku and you will reveal to your and Jabba the fresh new Hutt one Skywalker got murdered Rotta before she you are going to intervene. Regardless if Dooku got hoped she at the least were able to kill the Jedi just after dropping control over this new Huttlet, she admitted you to Skywalker had fled and you will is actually today toward their answer to Tatooine-fundamentally so you can kill Jabba, but in truth to return the fresh offense lord’s son. Ultimately, Skywalker and Tano was able to send Rotta back once again to Jabba’s Castle, convincing the senior Hutt one Dooku therefore the Confederacy had been misleading him. New fiasco resulted in new Republic and you will Hutt clan establishing a good pact out of venture, a significant problem to your Separatist end in.

Rugosa outreach purpose [ ]

Early in the battle, pursuing the outbreak of your own Competition off Ryloth, Dooku’s spies learned that the brand new Republic wanted to ascertain a contract towards Toydarian people that would allow this building from a great also have depot inside their territory. With this specific guidance, Dooku delivered Ventress in order to Rugosa with a significant army detachment to help you convince Katuunko that the Toydarians is always to get in on the Confederacy regarding Independent Expertise instead of the Republic. Brand new apprentice arrived to the Rugosa before either the fresh new Jedi and/or queen to help you jam telecommunications and you can positioned two Munificent-class star frigates close by the moon. She faced Katuunko upon their arrival to the fulfilling venue, and even though he was apprehensive about their unique presence, Ventress in hopes your you to she was indeed there merely since the a beneficial messenger having Count Dooku. Since the amount explained new intrusion to your king thru holographic signal, the two Munificent-class frigates popped on celebrity program and you may engaged the newest recently showed up Republic frigate which had been ferrying Yoda into the moonlight. Brand new Confederate warships rapidly overrun the fresh Jedi Master’s, but he had been capable of making they with the surface having about three clone troopers agreeable an escape pod.

The newest Toydarians, before neutral throughout the argument, provided to do miracle dealings on the basic moonlight from Rugosa between Jedi Grand Grasp Yoda and you will King Katuunko out of Toydaria

When the Republic frigate fled the computer, Ventress insisted so you can Katuunko it was a very clear sign of the brand new Flere bonuser Jedi’s inferiority; however, the guy didn’t yet faith their and you can is alleviated when Yoda contacted your from the stay away from pod’s crash website. The new Toydarian ended up being eager to sell to the fresh Grand Learn and you will try obviously displeased that have Ventress’ intrusion, however the black-front apprentice piqued their focus which have a deal to do a good show from push: she recommended one to she you will definitely establish the brand new Confederacy’s excellence by sending their particular pushes to recapture this new Jedi Learn. When the Yoda would be to stay away from their grip and reach brand new rendezvous because of the nightfall, this new queen you will definitely believe himself able to join the Republic; otherwise, she requested him to adopt an alliance into Separatists. Even though the queen receive the idea of pressing his invitees towards a test from competition distasteful, Yoda accepted the latest conditions, and you will Ventress provided to allow the diminutive Jedi a fair challenge.

However, a good endeavor is actually never ever their unique plan. Immediately following getting in touch with Dooku, Ventress oversaw this new implementation off an entire battalion including B1 race droids, B2-show very competition droids, and you may Armored Assault Tanks and you can assigned their own droid leader, 224, which have hunting down and you will eliminating Yoda with his retinue. Ventress remained next to Queen Katuunko as they tracked the Jedi’s progress courtesy Rugosa’s coral forest. 224 frequently current the Dathomirian on droids’ improvements, at some point revealing you to its pushes got interested the brand new Yoda and you can pushed your towards the refuge. Katuunko are demonstrably rooting toward Jedi and you may contacted Yoda to establish their endurance, but Ventress caught their communicator away from him and you will floor it which have their bare give, vowing to help you winnings brand new tournament. 224 called their unique once again later in the day, saying your Jedi got located because of the Confederate pushes and you can are only sitting regarding wasteland in advance of a column of droids and you will violence tanks. Ventress insisted which they eliminate the Jedi instantly, however, Yoda managed to wreck the tanks and you can droids, undertaking a scene away from smoking and you may exhaustion obvious on rendezvous point. The newest apprentice attempted once again to contact 224, but was told because of the a new droid you to their own chief was forgotten by the Yoda. Katuunko grabbed which given that a sign of winnings, but Ventress refused to give-up and sent a large group out of droidekas to get rid of work.