Shivz Autotech (Mahindra)

Why Shivz Autotech(Mahindra)

Shivz Autotech (Mahindra) envisioned the dream of establishing an organization where we reach out to customer, build a relationship and sustain it for a lifetime. We are beyond automobiles. Shivz Autotech (Mahindra) will be the place where your dream career meets its match.


As an organisation we are committed to giving all members of our team every opportunity to develop their careers, to contribute to our business and to share in its success.

We believe our key resources are our employees. So Shivz Autotech (Mahindra) recognises, identifies, appreciates and develops the best potential and creates an atmosphere for continuous growth and development of our employees (Special training for technical & non-technical employee periodically).


Shivz Autotech (Mahindra) places lot of importance in developing its people & employee to meet the new challenges and changes.

Life @ Shivz Autotech (Mahindra)

To facilitate employees to rejuvenate themselves and spend time with their family & family responsibilities, an employee is allowed to take paid leave for up to 18 days in a year.

Reward and recognizing employees for their contribution is done regularly by way of awards appreciating their performance, excellence, innovation, quality, etc.,

For sustainable growth, organisational effectiveness, and employee satisfaction, it is imperative to have personnel policies that are dynamic and accommodative to create conducive working environment where employees can exploit their best in conformance to the objectives of the institution.


Current openings

Email your resume to : | so that we can spot the right opportunity for you.