Benefits And Challenges Of Hiring An Offshore Software Engineering Team

While they may seem intimidating at first, they’re actually much more manageable than they might seem. Belitsoft has been the driving force behind several of our software development projects within the last few years. Our offshore development team uses flexible programming and communications approaches. That means we consider the needs of the user first, then we listen to your business idea and requirements and turn them into unique and innovative software. While dealing with an offshore development company and its IT development staff, the time zone difference induces a big challenge. There are also three other engagement models that software development outsourcers can try to get the best software development services.

offshore software development benefits

Therefore, it isn’t surprising that many startups and corporations alike turn to offshore software development to support their goals. Privacy compliance is vital when an outsourcing engagement involves building technology platforms that process personal data. Customers need to work with their vendors to incorporate privacy at the outset of the SDLC, rather than treat it as an afterthought. This privacy-by-design mindset results in end-products that respect individuals’ privacy out-of-the-box.

A user-friendly website made with the help of innovative software technologies can help even the newcomers in the technical field to manage projects within the required time. Startups gain various benefits from offshore software outsourcing, including cost reduction and a shorter time to market. Offshore development services aren’t limited to building an app from scratch.

Cost Efficiency

We apply our technological expertise, skills and knowledge to provide reliable offshore development services. Are you looking for a professional and experienced partner to develop expressive software for a specific purpose? The introduction of offshore software development services had gained popularity all over the world. The majority of the small to large business groups had already made use of the best outsourcing services to boost their businesses to the required strategies. The inclusion of various outsourcing services during the time of the pandemic was one of the widely discussed topics by professionals.

offshore software development benefits

The end-product will be nimbler and more adaptable to evolving privacy standards in new countries and markets. Personal data to the U.S., the parties must conduct and document a rigorous transfer impact assessment to protect data against U.S. government access for certain national security purposes. The GDPR also requires the parties to implement specific technical and organizational safeguards for data protection. The other advantage of basing your offshore software development in Latin America, particularly for tech companies that are based in the United States, is that you will share closer time zones.

For the countries of the EU as well as the US, the UAE, or Israel, hiring offshore developers cuts development costs by at least 40% due to far lower salaries and no need to set up infrastructure. Our web developers offer e-commerce web applications to help you effectively manage your online store and lead the online-market. If you have the idea of meeting your customers globally and increase your revenues, we are here to create a custom e-commerce application for your business needs.

Benefits And Challenges Of Hiring An Offshore Software Engineering Team

The country serves large- and mid-size companies providing software development projects for fintech, healthcare, e-commerce, etc. While offshore software development generally results in cost-saving, the resources used differ depending on the type of project. As such, it’s impossible to place an exact figure on building a particular software. However, experience tells us that building a software application in Ukraine will cost between $50,000 – $250,000. Building a tech startup is a journey fraught with challenges, more so with rising costs, dynamically evolving software technologies, and tighter competitions.

This engagement model is suitable for projects where flexibility matters the most to adjust to new requirements. Here, a scalable team helps you make a shared decision concerning software development projects. The many benefits of offshore development aren’t even exclusive to this process. You can get the same perks when hiring developers in your own country while eliminating communication and cultural barriers. All signs point to offshore software development as the preferred method of building apps in the coming future. We’ve shown how to choose the right IT outsourcing vendor and where to find them.

The report mentioned 70% of respondents cited cost reduction as the key driver for outsourcing. Deloitte also reported that 68% of the respondents highlighted that outsourcing helps in enabling cloud technologies in their organizations. With an eye on business demands on having clean code, the idea of Technical Debt has emerged. The problem is a software product can only handle so much Technical Debt before it begins to crumble under the weight of its own inefficiency. DevOps is a new way of collaboration that makes processes change for the better.

  • There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data.
  • Also, read more about benefits, costs, destinations, models, and other aspects related to offshore software development.
  • Offshore development is used as a catch-all for any type of development that is not onshore or in the primary location of the business that uses offshore developers.
  • Facing tight deadlines doesn’t give you enough time to find and onboard in-house employees.
  • This paradigm change is driving the IT outsourcing spend to improve operational agility, integrate new technologies, and achieve cost-savings and faster time-to-market.

They use their knowledge and skills to program the product, and then completed a series of quality assurance tests. Each project is implemented according to the highest international programming standards. We are constantly adapting best methods and practices, improving our system of internal quality management and control. offshore software development benefits Hiring a full-time in-house employee for a short-term project doesn’t make sense as you won’t have other tasks for them after completing the project. Hiring offshore remote developers in such cases brings you the utmost flexibility. Hire our dedicated team of QA-engineers and testers and enjoy a perfect solution.

Better guidance from experienced professionals can not only increase the quality level of work but can also increase the number of future works. The existing number of customers in businesses can be retained with the help of an eminent service team from the offshore development program. The provision of a good service team can lift the company’s productivity and profits to heights within a short period of time. The selection of service team members from a single location may not provide satisfactory results at times. You can get several professionals from far-off places via offshore software program services.

You can reverse the above-specified condition by suggesting the best offshore development service programs to complete the project works on time. One of the biggest challenges with offshore software development is the time zone difference, which can hinder smooth cooperation. The lack of real-time communication, especially during mission-critical tasks, can cause unnecessary delays and errors in the development process. Offshore software development, or ‘offshoring’ is the process of engaging an external vendor in a different country to take on the responsibility of building software or apps. The term ‘offshore’ describes the fact that there is a substantial distance, and hence, time-zone difference between the client and the location of the offshore developers. When outsourcing your software engineering project, you’ll want to consider the time-zone differences between your development team and your client’s time.

This is often the case if you rely solely on your in-house development team, and part of the reason why is the innately more complicated process of handling resource allocation within your company. An offshore development center will always have a ready team available to which you can relegate plenty of tasks, so high-quality performance can easily be maintained in the long run. Time-saving had already been reported as the main advantage of utilizing offshore development software programs. You can conveniently transfer the data from one location to another with the help of software technologies that ensure high security. Apart from saving time, the introduction of an efficient offshore development service program can also help all the registered members to save their money by completing the project works on time.

Enhance your software by hiring thoughtful and mature developers who provide valuable ideas and recommendations for your product. National and government-sponsored initiatives by several South American governments have driven the region’s success in the software development industry even more. Offshore development is used as a catch-all for any type of development that is not onshore or in the primary location of the business that uses offshore developers.

Barriers To Hiring An Offshore Software Development Team

Argentina’s rise as the preferred Latin American outsourcing country is due to strong government support and high-quality education, particularly in tech subjects. The country’s IT outsourcing industry is also spurred by its lower salary rate and cultural similarity with US-based clients. Based on my experience working with a diverse range of clients, I can vouch that the secret recipe to offshoring success is the amazing teamwork between the vendor and client. In short, you’ll need to work in sync with the outsourced developers as if they’re part of your team.

That is why it is good to partner with an offshore software developer who sticks to quality parameters and offers a software product free from errors and technical glitches. One with a fantastic track record of completed projects and happy clients, plus time zone similarities and cultural compatibility. There are certain things you can do to mitigate the risks and dangers of offshore software development. Onshoring and nearshoring make communication between companies and developers much easier. There is no language barrier in many cases, which is a problem when a German firm outsources to China, for example. There might also be cultural similarities that can help build rapport and strengthen cooperation, as with a USA-Canada partnership.

Belitsoft develops enterprise grade applications for multiform enterprises and businesses worldwide. Our corporate software solutions are created for effective document management, data management, finance management, corporate eLearning and much more. Build world-class software with a team that follows precise specifications and delivers exceptional technical capabilities, creativity, and timeliness. Our specialists are always able to come up with solutions to satisfy you and your customers. Butthe term nearshore development points to countries that are close to a given business’s base— such as if a U. As mentioned, Asian countries are customarily what tech companies look to when they want to do software development abroad.

Benefits Of Working With An Offshore Software Development Center

The value of the mobile app market is expected to hit the $6.3 trillion mark by 2021. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. Our team ensures that the app’s idea is well-tested with a feasibility study before executing short iterative sprints to develop the app. We kept our client updated with the progress and sought feedback to ensure we’re staying on the right course.

Nearshoring Vs Offshoring Vs Onshoring: Understand The Differences And Choose Efficiently

Hence efficiency in managing the project work can be made effective by the utilization of reliable and effective offshore development service. The majority of the website business strategies focus on white hat techniques to get long-term results to meet the business needs. Meeting the business goals at the right time can be made effortless by the introduction of the best offshore development software programs. The reliability of the selected service had helped the team members to gain targeted customers as per the requirement.

Enhanced Productivity In Businesses

Cultural parity helps foster an efficient and collaborative work environment among remote and distributed teams. It’s difficult to put a dollar sign on, but cultural alignment is an important factor in nearshoring’s growing popularity. Companies who have experience with offshoring know cultural barriers and communication obstacles can lead to missed deadlines, projects going over budget, and other complications.


Here, remote professionals help you on the project and manage it from your end. This model is appropriate for lowering costs and enhancing the pace of production. Communication with your offshore team can undoubtedly be better and smoother these days, thanks to software tools like Slack or Zoom.

If the offshore software engineering company provides more senior software developers, the cost of hiring them is about 50% less. We provide better flexibility and scalability of your business to tackle new opportunities and challenges. With 10+ years of quality experience in offshore software development, Belitsoft is capable enough to deploy top-notch software solutions for the most complex requirements. A survey from global research company Statista on IT-outsourcing services market revenue shows that the global IT outsourcing services revenue will reach about $425.19 billion in 2026. It is a fact that offshore software development comes with many benefits for a start-up, medium, or large-sized company.

It all falls to simply having more competent and qualified people you can rely on, for virtually less money. And the fact that that offshore development centers are enjoying such immense popularity only proves this point further. Communication gaps are among the usual software offshore development challenges that can make things challenging for companies interested in outsourcing their projects. Factors like poor English or lack of English proficiency can’t fill the gap in communication.

Our strategic customer asked us to help him in making conversion to Web application of one of his financial CRM/ERP system based on WinForms. To add, countries that would fall under nearshore outsourcing from the perspective of the United States tend to prioritize English fluency within their borders. Ranked first for software outsourcingin the Latin American region and 13thin the world.

Outsourcing full or partial software development tasks to an offshore team can be hugely beneficial. Executing any software development project overseas comes with loads of benefits. These benefits are the primary motivation why many industries favor the concept of offshore software development. Meeting the requirements of clients within a limited time may not be an easy task for all large groups of companies. You can make the above condition effortless by the introduction of offshore development software program services. A reliable software development service can ensure the completed project work with highly accurate data results.